Meet Amie

Passion for learning about people and new businesses fuels my creativity as much as the ocean and bays that surround me.

I welcome you to join my journey as a designer, tech guru, fun-loving aunt, dog lover, and a military spouse. Inspiration is everywhere…if you know where to look! Together we can make the world a happier, healthier, and enjoyable place! Watch the video below to learn a bit more about how I work…


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  • The Impact of Bad Photography On Your Brand Image - I work with small businesses every day to provide guidance and wave my magical pen to create their web and print assets look professional and help increase sales. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that images you use in your design can do two things: 1) enhance the user experience and educate [...]
  • Finding Hope in Entrepreneurship - With all of the divisiveness in the economy, media and politics we read about in the headlines, I believe that small businesses can be an answer in healing and creating a sense of unity in our society (or community). There is one thing that connects people of all backgrounds and of all cultures: that is [...]
  • Photos From The Classic Yacht Regatta Newport - The wind report didn’t look promising. I read there would be a whopping 5 knots of breeze and maybe even a bit of overcast skies on this September day. For all of you non-sailors, that would equate to a great day for other land lubber endeavors such as mowing the grass, fishing, or more painfully…golfing! [...]
  • How To Build A Business With A Conscience - When you raise a child, it is fair to say that a majority of a parent’s focus is on the short-term strategy. Making sure your child is fed, bathed, and their daily needs are met so that your little person can be happy and healthy in their day-to-day-life. We know these things are important. To [...]