Customers only remember 10% of what you’re impressing upon them. That tells us something, doesn’t it? Our attention spans pave the way for memory and we are bored.

Habituatization kills our memory, yet we like to see and hear what we’re used to. Although we are creatures of habit, our memories do not thrive within that comfort zone.

pig_on_a_cloudAs I was sitting on an airplane recently, an announcement for a “very special offer” from the airline’s partner was pitched over the loudspeaker. Then, a well-trained hostess came down the aisles answering questions – with handouts to boot! I have sat in similar airplane seats and have heard the same safety brief about how to fasten my seatbelt dozens of times, but you better believe this novel sales technique caught my attention. While I was not thrilled, I paid attention.

Grasp your customers’ comfort zone and challenge it! Surprise them. Identify what factors need to stay the same and switch up the rest.

Next time you’re planning your message, remember that leaving an impression takes more than just teaching people how to fasten their seatbelts.