Many of us find comfort in the community and familiarity of our favorite local coffee shop. Teahouse is excited to have a client that offers these simple yet valuable luxuries: Eden Cafe.

Joe Ventura at his bar at EDEN CAFE There are many unique aspects about Eden Cafe that differentiate it from competitors. While many national coffee chains can be found at every intersection, in most towns, coffeehouses have to present themselves differently.  Eden fulfills several communal needs: live entertainment three nights a week, free space for organizations to meet outside the office, and a menu with items that cannot be replicated at home.

Owner, Joe Ventura, launched this business with the hopes of creating a safe and inviting space for people of all walks of life.  Now seven months into operation the community is responding and many have become regulars.

In today’s small-business landscape, we have several factors working for us as we go up against giant corporations. It is essential to find those factors and implement them within your walls.