The wind report didn’t look promising. I read there would be a whopping 5 knots of breeze and maybe even a bit of overcast skies on this September day. For all of you non-sailors, that would equate to a great day for other land lubber endeavors such as mowing the grass, fishing, or more painfully…golfing! For months, I had been anticipating this opportunity to shoot the 37th Classic Yacht Regatta in Newport with the great Onne van der Wal and learn from one of the most respected artists in the trade. We left the dock a bit skeptically and decided to make the most of the day. As the postponement flag was raised, I pulled out my Canon camera and proceeded to snap away at anything that would move patiently waiting for the cool sensation of breeze on my neck to fill these tall sails. As the wind came and the starting guns went off, I soon felt a bit inadequate in lens size as some of my compatriots in this class pulled out their whoppers! I giggled… I was not going to let size rule over subject matter. I knew what I was shooting; I let the sailor in me take charge of the artistic composition and kept my finger on the trigger.


With all the technology in the world on foiling cats these beautiful hulls and rigs reflecting in the water in a simple photo prove that there is no substitute for true craftsmanship and the eye of an artist.



During the shoot, Onne graciously came over and lent me his larger lens and faster camera so I could test run some new equipment. What I find most amusing, however is that my money shot (above) was made using my run of the mill 55-250mm lens when no one else was looking!



Rounding the #12 red bell in front of Rose Island Light House.




A sailor is an artist whose medium is the wind.
– Webb Chiles

Written by Amie