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  • Just Four Seasons - Wisps of light, stringy clouds are scattered across the blue Israeli sky. The sun is permeating the dry earth with a perfect heat. It is only early May and I can sense the engulfing heat of summer just around the bend along with the end of another season: spring. Each season is my last here [...]
  • Around the World with Entrepreneurs: Egypt - What do you find when you walk into a bustling, third world country, teeming with tourists while holding tightly to its traditional Muslim roots? A country in transition. Culturally, Egyptians are wholly committed to their religious roots but they are also very aware of the Western world creeping into their borders. They admire it, want [...]
  • Around the World with Entrepreneurs: Italy - In a land with copious amounts of tomatoes, pasta, and gelato, most travelers’ response is: “it’s the best I’ve ever had in my life!” Italy is the fifth most visited country by tourists in the world with 48.6 million tourists per year (2014). Surely, we can learn from them – they’re doing something right! Growing [...]
  • Finding Hope in Entrepreneurship: Eden Cafe - Many of us find comfort in the community and familiarity of our favorite local coffee shop. Teahouse is excited to have a client that offers these simple yet valuable luxuries: Eden Cafe. There are many unique aspects about Eden Cafe that differentiate it from competitors. While many national coffee chains can be found at every [...]
  • The Unspoken Rules For Social Media Use: Marketing Your At-Home Business - Over the past few years, I have noticed a rise in at-home businesses, especially in my community – the military spouse (and mom) world. I encourage and support these fellow business owners/consultants and believe that what they’re doing is – can be – great! While this article is not about why at-home businesses are good, [...]
  • Around the World with Entrepreneurs: Jordan - Most of us small business owners can sympathize with government regulations and its effects on our functionality and profit. But most of us Americans have no idea what it means to be flat-out told “no.” Mazam, a small business owner in Petra, Jordan, knows what “no” means all too well. In Jordan, you have to [...]
  • How to Use Social Media Creatively to Wish Someone a Happy Birthday! - If you’re anything like me, the multiple daily birthday posts we’re supposed to give to our friends on social media gets old. I run out of things to say and Happy Birthday gets a bit redundant. It’s nothing personal towards my friends, I just feel lame saying the same thing over and over! So, I [...]