Thank You

We want to send special thank you’s to the following people:

David Bettencourt and team who took time from their full-time jobs to help a freelancer out! I don’t know how I would have done this video without you! Thank you for your guidance and cameras, guys!! (The logo is coming soon!)

To Amie’s brother, Tim, and fellow designer, Lori, for the support and answering all our crazy questions!!

To our military spouse community…so much talent, so much inspiration, and absolute support when the world feels like it’s on our shoulders. Running a business is not a solo endeavor – it takes a village – and our endurance through the moves is a reflection of the strength you show us. Thank you!

To the talented Rebecca Grennan for her photography work with Amie and clients in Hampton, VA. Your work is amazing!

To our friends and clients from the East Coast to West Coast…. you are part of our wonderful journey and we appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you for sticking with us!

And, of course, we are very thankful for all the patience and kindness from our amazing and smart husbands…the true leaders. You stand up for us and beside us every day. We learn from you constantly and love you so much we follow you around the world…and back!